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We seek to empower all students to reach their maximum potential by taking a mentorship approach toward addressing academic, personal/social, and career goals.
We will promote an environment to encourage personal inquiry and growth, social responsibility, and academic excellence.
We believe that every student can succeed through the collaborative efforts of school, home, and community leading to responsible and productive citizenship of the world.
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Success Stories
UC Berkeley.png

After my first meeting with Peter, I was very hesitant to begin working with him. Why should I need counseling for my life when none of my other friends did? However, my parents were insistent on going back for a second meeting, a decision I am more than grateful for in retrospect. I went to counseling with Peter a second time, and a third, and a fourth, until it became a routine. Immediately, the first thing I noticed about our meetings was his understanding, easygoing, and relatable personality. He made it very clear to me that he saw me as an adult, and that he saw us as equals. I didn’t ever feel as if it was a duty to report back to Peter as if he were a teacher, therapist, or superior; instead, he felt like a big brother who was genuinely concerned with my wellbeing and gave me thoughtful, clear-cut advice. Since conversing with Peter felt natural and comfortable, our sessions were incredibly smooth and productive, like working on a project with a close friend. Through our meetings, I was able to become more informed about my decisions, as well as become a more independent person who cared about my own future.

Without Peter, I would be lost in a world of questions. By nature, I am always concerned with the most minute of details, trying to micromanage every little thing and getting distracted along the way. With Peter’s fresh perspective, I was able to take a step back and look at the big picture. I believe that above all the expected outcomes of counseling-getting better grades, pushing myself to take advantage of opportunities, qualifying for prestigious colleges-my time with Peter helped me relax and focus on the important things in what was otherwise a confusing, mysterious, stressful world. Not only did he give me advice on high school and college, he also indirectly taught me character, and to live life to the fullest.

My first year with Peter involved the summer before junior year into the 2017-2018 school year. Within our monthly meetings, I mostly came equipped with a brief summary of what went on in the past month, along with questions about future plans, such as when it came to SATs, APs, and summer activities. Peter helped me make important decisions, such as which classes to take, as well as created a rough calendar for the upcoming year so that we would always be occupied. Peter would often suggest programs to look into, such as SAT prep courses and the potential research programs. At the same time, he allowed me and my family the liberty to have a say in the matter. When my family decided that our summer would be best spent self-studying machine learning and data structures instead of conducting research, he was incredibly understanding. Peter also would remind me of upcoming events that I needed to worry about that I otherwise would have forgotten completely-taking SAT subject tests, applying for summer programs, etc.
My second year with Peter revolved around college applications. It was during this period of time that I really witnessed Peter’s steadfast support, flexibility, and accessibility. Our meetings increased in frequency from one month to every week! Peter’s planning and scheduling was not only reasonable, but adaptable to changes in circumstance or college choice. We began early, writing the Common App and UC essays in the summer, which saved a considerable amount of time when it came to revising them and submitting applications when it came October. Additionally, Peter was critical and meticulous when it came to revising essays. We went over many different revisions of many different essays, sometimes even scrapping essays altogether in favor of a more potent, powerful one. However, the end result was always something I could be confident and proud of.

During this time, there were always a plethora of questions I had, changes to my schedule, and kinks to work out. Peter was always a text away, responding within three hours to any question or concern I had. Communication was one department we never had any issue with. Again, Peter was always there to remind me of upcoming events and deadlines to pay attention to, and although there was more work involved than I could have possibly imagined, I always felt at least one step ahead of the game, and in control of the entire college process. Peter helped open my eyes to the vast world that would be awaiting me, and expanded my horizons beyond my small safe zone at Branham High School. In the end, I was accepted into my dream college from the start: UC Berkeley! Along the way, I was exposed to the wide array of opportunities, places, and people that could potential enter my life, if only I go looking. I have to thank Peter for all his help in making my high school career and the college application process stress-free, easy to understand, and enjoyable. Thank you so much!

UC Berkeley, Physics


Teacher Ye is super helpful for my son’s college application. For my son’s UC application, he didn’t stand out in his GPA. However, teacher Ye helped him stand out in his UC essays.  He also helped us to select majors. For different schools we applied, he has different major selection strategies. He knows how to increase the chance of acceptance by selecting the right major to apply. With his help, my son got offers from three UC schools, including UC Davis. I am glad to have him as my son’s college counselor.

UC Davis, Physics



University of Redlands, Global Business Scholarship


在申请美国大学漫长的过程中,每一个人都要付出持之以恒的努⼒,从⽽不断提升⾃自⼰的裱花, 校内成绩和课外活动。也许有的⼈会因为紧张的压⼒⽽迷失⾃我,也许有的⼈会躲在⻆落流泪。 但在这个时候如果有位像指路路灯⼀样的⽼师带领着你,给你前进的⽅向和坚定不移的⿎励, 那么 你将会变得更有⾃信⾛向成功的彼岸。Peter对于我来说就是这样的⼀位导师,从11年级到申请结束,Peter总是⿎励我相信我,帮我规划好每⼀步该⾛的棋⼦,⼀遍⼜又⼀遍地帮我指导⽂书并且给我最有利的建议。这让我把申请⼤学这件事情看作⼀件自我发现的过程,我知道了⾃⼰内⼼喜欢做的事情并且更加努⼒的去追求它。在别的朋友都陷⼊申学焦虑时,Peter总是⽤他的幽默来缓解同学们紧张的⼼情,我总是能从他那⾥学到很多不仅仅注在学习上的知识,同时我也学到了学多⼈⽣中宝贵的经验。在Peter的指导下,我扩展了⾃⼰的视野, 去到了最适合⾃⼰的学校,我也很快的爱上了南加⼤。我⾮常感谢Peter不仅作为⼀位⽼师也变成了我⼀位很好的“朋友”,也希望 更多的学弟学妹们能让这样⼀位⽼师帮助到你

USC Architecture Trustees Scholar


Jessica’s great skills helped me face the interviews with much more confidence and the way she taught me how to hone my personal statement could never be more helpful. Not only do I learn the technical skills of putting together a personal statement, but I also understand what I need to show in a successful one. As a result, I got offers to all the programs I applied, including JHU, Yale, Brown, NYU, etc. Going through graduate school application is a long journey, I'm glad that mine is fruitful and enjoyable with Peter and Jessica along the road.

University of Texas, MD Anderson Cancer Center


Peter’s experience and expertise were integral elements to my successful college application process. Familiar with both the UC personal insight prompts and supplemental essays of many private universities, Peter helped me craft responses that were seamlessly tailored to each college’s defining characteristics. In addition to the technical skills, he is one of the few adults I know who express tremendous respect and compassion for students, and I was comfortable communicating my thoughts without worrying about being judged. In short, Peter possesses the ideal level of knowledge and emotional intelligence to optimally assist students in their careers..

Northwestern Economics MMSS



Cornell University Computer Science


在Peter的指导下,我如愿进入了Georgia Tech。其实,我在认识Peter前曾前前后后咨询过6家留学中介,但最终会选择Peter是因为Peter所能带给我的是这些公司当中最独特的。Peter是一位美籍华裔,小时候在上海生活过一段时间,这意味着他能够理解中国家庭在想些什么,需要些什么。凭借他在美国的多年从教经验,他可以迅速发现中国家庭的认知误区并加以修正,从而踏上择校的正确道路。他曾在我择校期间多次提醒我和我的父母不要只光顾着综合排名,还需要对于你所读的专业进行细致的分析,就业也是一个极其重要的因素。在文书方面,Peter绝对是一位善于挖掘学生内心深处声音的顾问。还记得我在写common app的主文书时写了四五遍也无法完全表达自己的意思,写的太浅会欠火候,写的太深会感觉言过其实。Peter在这个时候就跟我谈心。每一次谈话,我总觉得离我想表达的更近一步。在最后一次谈话时,Peter的一个问题戳到了我的痛楚,使我真正想表达的意思呼之欲出。在改文书的时候,Peter能够在不改变学生原有意思的情况下充分润色且保留原来的写作风格。有一次我想表达“碰巧”,但用了Serendipity这个词,但实际上用by chance这个词更好。之所以没有换,是因为Peter认为这更符合我的写作风格和亚洲学生的身份。总之,我想说的是Peter是一位很不错的留学顾问,特别适合于亚洲地区的学生。

Georgia Tech Aerospace Engineering



University of Michigan Ross School of Business


在peter老师的指导下,我成功拿到了8所大学的offer并在peter老师的开导下选择了Boston University。能有这样的结果真的很出乎我原来的预料,我的gpa其实并不算很高,在开始申请的时候我也充满了迷茫与紧张,但是在peter的帮助下着重其他方面的特长入手,在申请essay中充分的展示了我的能力,我才能被这么多所大学录取。这8所大学的offer来之不易,多亏有peter老师的帮助,和他交流有的时候更像一个好兄弟一样,耐心而又不枯燥,让我更能敞开心扉沟通让老师更了解我,同时申请时期的压力也在无形中消失了。真的很感谢也很高兴能有peter老师作为我的大学申请顾问,认真的态度与平易近人的性格让大学申请变得很轻松,极力推荐学弟学妹们选择peter老师作为你们的申请顾问! 

Boston University, Mathematics


经朋友推荐,我们认识了Peter老师,来帮助儿子进行大学申请。儿子的英语基础不好,还在备考SAT,Peter 老师主动提出帮孩子补习几次英语课,并推荐了模拟练习题。经过Peter老师几次补习,儿子SAT提高了160分。



UC Irvine Computer Science


Peter, thank you so much for everything you have done not only for me but my whole family! You are like family to us now! Without your help and support, I would not be where I am today: going to the college that I love. You made the process so much smoother than it would have been. As the first in the family to go to college, you really guided me through every step of the way. You weren't only my college mentor, you were also my mentor that helped me realize who I am as a person and what I want in life. There couldn't be a person with a more generous heart than you. Thank you! 

University of Redlands, Business Major


2017年初,我儿子面临申请大学的关键时期,由于对申请流程并不熟悉,所以我们非常焦急。一个偶然的机会,我们结识了教育咨询顾问Peter老师,经过几次交流和面谈之后,Peter老师帮我们分析了孩子的现状,存在的不足,对孩子下阶段的课程学习及社会实践内容作了具体的规划和指导。在整个申请过程中,Peter老师与我们家长和孩子经常保持联系,及时告知我们各阶段需要准备的材料和完成的任务,指导我们选择大学、专业,辅导孩子撰写申请文书,帮助孩子完成网上申报等。经过努力,我儿子在今年4月被UC DAVIS、UC IRVINE等6所大学录取,即将进入UC DAVIS 的ANIMAL SCIENCE专业学习。


UC Davis Animal Science

UC Berkeley.png


UC Berkeley, Physics


Hey Peter! I thought the decision was coming out tomorrow but I got into Rice! Thank you so much for helping me on my essays; the differences between my first ones versus my finals are huge and I really don’t think I would’ve gotten in if you didn’t help.

Rice University


Hi Peter! Do you remember the first time we met each other about 2 years ago? I was not even comfortable speaking English and didn't know what was happening in my life. Working with you for my college app was, I think, the most important moment in my life where I figured out who I am and how to be myself in front of people I don't know. I couldn't imagine actually getting into college in the US and being satisfied with myself when I first started, but now I have both of them and feel a little more confident with myself and what I have done. I'm so so glad and appreciate that you have helped me and now I can go to the next stage! Thank you so much for all the dedication and help!

University of Redlands, Global Business Scholar

UC Berkeley.png

Dear Peter, we did it! After all the preparations, tests, essays, and applications, I finally got into college, and UC Berkeley no less! I have no one to thank but you for your constant support along this journey. From the first time we met to when my last application was submitted, you have always been extremely easy to talk to. Your pragmatic, relaxed personality and approach to life helped calm me down when I felt like I was drowning in tasks to finish. You made it clear from the start that you were a friend first and foremost, and I can't thank you enough for your kindness and relatability. Additionally, you were always someone I could count on. Whenever I had a clarifying question, I could always text you, and you would respond as soon as you could. Scheduling meetings with you was never a hassle (which is great because man did we have a lot of meetings in fall and winter of 2018). Thank you for your attention to details, willingness to help, realistic and critical advice, easygoing persona, and overall, making my college application experience feel like a breeze! I hope you and your family do extremely well! Let's definitely keep in touch when I'm in college. Thank you Thank you Thank you! -

UC Berkeley


We are lucky to have your guidance last are the best!

Duke University Biomedical Engineering

UC Berkeley.png

Hey Peter! Just wanted to let you know that I got into UCLA and UC Berkeley :-) Thanks for all your help! 

I am going to Berkeley! Beyond excited :))

UC Berkeley Sociology


You're the one who helped me the most, so I thought you should be the first to know....I got into Yale!


Dear Peter, Thank you so much for helping me with my essays for the Stanford summer program. I don't think I would have been able to make it in without your help. I had an amazing time and met many great people at the camp. Once again, I am very grateful for your help.

11th Grade Student

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